Development and implementation of labor safety system

In today's economy, especially in a highly competitive environment, one of the main indicators of the company's success is an effective activity in the field of labor health and safety.

If your organization do not have the actual labor safety system- highly skilled specialists of Manpower are ready to provide the assistance and support in the creation and implementation of an effective system.

Creation of the labor safety system includes:

  • the development of local regulatory documentation;
  • the organization of instructions and coaching;
  • the organization of trainings for managers and employees;
  • the organization of medical examinations;
  • the organization of the special assessment of working conditions;
  • the organization of individual safety equipment.

With the providing of services of the creation and implementation of the labor safety system, specialists from Manpower are ready to help you to establish a refund from the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), namely:

  • to collect and prepare the necessary documents to support this event;
  • to prepare an application to the Social Insurance Fund;
  • to develop and approve the funding plan;
  • to conduct all negotiations with the SIF, and make visits there if needed;
  • to prepare the documents for the Order regarding allocation of funds from the budget of the organization;
  • to control all reporting periods in the SIF;
  • to deliver reporting documents about the sponsored event to the Fund.