Target Based Outsourcing

We provide outcome-based, talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to enhance flexibility and drive productivity. Built upon our deep recruiting experience and our expertise in crafting impactful outsourcing solutions, we deliver the talent you need to keep you ahead in a demanding world. Our capabilities range from contact centers to manufacturing to IT help desks and any place in between.

As the world of work becomes increasingly demanding, unpredictable and complex, organizations must accelerate innovation and increase productivity to remain competitive. Your success is not driven by technology, infrastructure and capital. Your success is driven by the imagination and skills of people.

To leverage your most important asset, businesses are turning to Manpower, the global leader in outcome-based, talent-driven solutions. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we help organisations across the private and public sectors to plan, develop and implement large-scale, outsourced recruitment initiatives and meet a diverse range of talent-related challenges.

Our ability to capitalise on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made us the most recognised and respected workforce solutions provider in the world. And our experience, expertise and unmatched global network ensures we can deliver impactful results anywhere you do business.

Outsourcing solutions of Manpower are the following:

  • Reception Outsourcing;
  • Industrial Outsourcing;
  • HR Outsourcing;
  • Recruitment process outsourcing;