Salary Surveys

Salary survey is a deep analysis of specific products and sectors of the Company and the subsequent collection and analysis of employees’ fixed and changeable salary data, as well as components of the social package provided to them in the various regions.

Salary surveys of Manpower allow companies to effectively meet the challenges of involvement, motivation and efficiency of their employees, thus saving in payroll.

Manpower Russia & CIS conducts market research since 2009. During this time we have studied more than 400 positions in 16 industries.

The advantages of our market research and salary surveys are:

  • Identification of position according two directions: a functional direction and the hierarchical level of the position;
  • Identification of the positions according to the job description (non-system, growing market has no single universal characteristics and names of positions);
  • Maximum consideration of additional specific sampling requirements on behalf of the client;
  • Getting at least 6 measurements for each position from a variety of sources;
  • Preparation and cross-checking of data from independent sources, allowing to achieve maximum accuracy of the data;
  • Getting only relevant data at the time of analysis (data that "dictates" the market at this time).

The survey results include:

  • Salary, bonuses, monthly gross income and benefits package for each position (% of companies having one or the other option) at the time of the review;
  • Detailed description of sampling and research methods;
  • Additional comments on the study: analytics on key trends and wage parameters that were investigated;
  • Any other information upon the request.