Internship opportunities

Our main value is people, our employees, their unique experience and expertise.

Any specialist who joins our team has the opportunity to solve complex and interesting problems, learn from the leading experts of Manpower, learn from the experience of our foreign colleagues and create innovative business solutions, realizing their own unique ideas.

There are two ways the career development can be pursued at the Manpower: expertise expansion and competencies development in one’s professional field or  horizontal and vertical development while working on projects.

Success story

Sergey Oshkin, Head of Complex Service Solutions

In 2004,  when I still was a student, I have joined Manpower for a part-time truck driver position at the Client company premises (P&G in Novomoskovsk).

Despite my young age, I was soon appointed a foreman which spurred on a desire to progress and complete tasks of a bigger scale.

Manpower gave me this opportunity. Having become a master, they entrusted me with the first responsible project - I successfully organized the work of forklift drivers. And at 24, he was appointed shift supervisor, led the team. Diligence and the area of ​​my education allowed me to move to the position of chief of engineering service. The scale of the position included not only comprehensive work on staff training and development, but also quality control of the work performed. One of the most important stages in my career is the position of the object coordinator in 2012. It was an outstaffing project. I was responsible for the work of a team of 480 people and the quality of the work performed throughout the production facility. Of course, my responsible approach to work helped me to continue to be realized as an object manager, where customer relations, strategic and financial issues were added to all the above. Under my direct participation, work was transferred to outsourcing a distribution center of 280 people. Later, as a project manager, all this knowledge was useful to me. I began to participate in the launch of such projects throughout Russia, participated in the development of integrated solutions for clients. And today, as the leader in the field of integrated solutions (since 2016), I appreciate and apply the experience for the development of TBO (outsourcing projects) that I received at ManpowerGroup for more than 10 years of work. The fact that I went from being an ordinary employee to a manager helps me, I know the whole process of work from and to. So, thanks to hard work and desire, you can successfully build a career, even starting with a small one.