Client service career opportunities

Our main value is people, our employees, their unique experience and expertise.

Any specialist who joins our team has the opportunity to solve complex and interesting problems, learn from the leading experts of Manpower, learn from the experience of our foreign colleagues and create innovative business solutions, realizing their own unique ideas.

There are two ways the career development can be pursued at the Manpower: expertise expansion and competencies development in one’s professional field or  horizontal and vertical development while working on projects.

Success story

Ekaterina Atrakhimovich, Head of Administrative Support Department

I joined Manpower in 2005 as an HR Administrative Assistant. The vacancy was opened for a large project where the designated employees’ administrator was required.

That was the time I fell in love with my job.

Each project taught me something, helped my professional growth.

I reckon that the reason for my career at  Manpower being successful is my responsible attitude towards work, eagerness to learn and help colleagues. I do not like doing nothing. I remember asking  my supervisor whether I could help, what else could I do. I would be given additional tasks – this is how I learned more.  

The next step in my career was the Client Administrator position. It was a new experience for me, since so far I have not worked with Clients directly.

As a result, I became better with numbers, calculations, and clients’ communications.

After a short maternity leave break I returned recharged and ready to evolve further.  In 2013 I was offered to become a Head of our department which I agreed to with pleasure. And again new experience, new challenges!

Over the course of 11 years I’ve been with Manpower there was not a single day I would feel boredom!

I work at the same department I once joined,  I am surrounded by colleagues I’ve known for years, at the same time I  got to work with so many clients and enjoyed solving numerous  interesting cases on various projects.

I am in charge of structuring processes for my department.  I am fully dedicated to leading the projects, participating in launching new products and projects.

I want to pay special attention to the valuable experience I gained from my colleagues from other departments.

I always know that should this be required I can ask them for help, advice and expert opinion.

I have always had and still have a leader within the company who sees potential in me, supports and trains me develops me.

If you are professional, ambitious and want to become a member of our team, send your resume. Please specify the department you are interested in in the subject line.